10 Ways To Be Kind To Your Future Self Today

10 Ways To Be Kind To Your Future Self Today

How kindly do you treat yourself? Many of us believe we’re kind people and will likely cite examples that involve how we interact with others to prove our points.

While you’re busy showing kindness to others, it’s likely that you’re forgetting to take time to show the same kindness to yourself! The key to living a more successful and happier life involves plenty of self care and being kind to yourself along the way.

To make life better and easier, let`s take a look at 10 ways to be kind to your future self today…

1. Plan ahead to nourish your body properly

Don’t let your body’s needs fall by the wayside – instead, plan ahead to show your body some love.

Prepare healthy, easily accessible snacks and a refillable water bottle you can take on the go. Making time to plan for easy access to snacks and hydration throughout your day will ensure your future self is prepared instead of feeling groggy and unfocused later in the day.

2. Change the way you speak to yourself

When you make a mistake, consider how you talk to yourself about it afterwards. Do your words tend to be harsh?

According to Harvard Business Review, although many people tend to believe criticism will motivate someone to work harder, it is rarely the case. In contrast, harsh criticism feels demoralising and makes performance worse.

Train yourself to change your inner monologue to be kinder. Practice swapping out mean comments and criticism for more positive, forward-thinking thoughts.

practice mindfulness

3. Develop a toolbox of mindfulness techniques

Learning ways to be mindful puts you in tune to your physical and mental needs.

The more you practice using mindfulness techniques, the stronger they become over time. Some examples of mindfulness techniques include deep breathing, simple yoga stretches, and taking a quiet moment of solitude to consider a problem before reacting.

4. Get comfortable with saying “no”

It’s tough to let someone down by saying no to their requests, but sometimes it is necessary. Consider your needs first. Is this person asking too much of you? Do you feel like they may be trying to take advantage of your kindness?

Saying no isn’t being mean to another person – it’s being kind to yourself!

5. Set goals for yourself that will get you excited

It’s fine to help others but take a minute to consider what you really want. Psychology Today describes the importance of contemplating the question “what do I need” during times of self-reflection.

Make room in your life for working toward your own goals and aspirations. Your future self will thank you for taking these baby steps toward your bigger goals.

taking a walk

6. Make health-focused choices a daily habit

One of the best ways to be kind to your future self today is making small changes to improve your health. Small changes add up to big results.

If you’re trying to eat better or be more active, Healthline suggests taking baby steps to build concrete habits.

For example, taking a brisk walk after work or swapping out junk food for healthy snacks might seem like small changes, but over time they develop into permanent habits that improve your overall health.

7. Take time each day to do something you enjoy

Whether it’s exercising, painting, reading, or catching up on a guilty pleasure TV show, find a way to fit your favourite activity into your day. Taking time to enrich your daily life with a dose of something fun and relaxing is a great way to keep life balanced for your future self.

8. Evaluate your personal relationships

Are you maintaining a relationship with a toxic person? If so, you aren’t doing your future self any favours.

Practice expressing your concerns with the toxic person in your life. If you’re feeling stuck about how to do this, Psychology Today suggests speaking to the person in a way that is kind but firm.

Having an open conversation with the person that asserts clear boundaries is a great kindness toward your future self.

reward yourself

9. Plan ahead for fun treats and rewards

Every goal you set in life doesn’t have to be big or life changing. Make room for fun goals too. Giving your future self something to look forward to is an easy way to pay yourself some kindness.

For example, planning a weekly trip to an exercise class you enjoy or a stop by your favourite bakery after work on Friday is a fun, kind way to keep yourself motivated.

10. Get comfortable exploring your emotions

The emotions we experience daily are often indicators for other problems in life. TED Talk’s Ideas column discusses the importance of sitting with emotions to better understand them.

When we understand why our emotions flare and trigger, we can show ourselves some extra kindness and solve our problems more efficiently. While it can feel uncomfortable, sitting with an unpleasant emotion and analysing it can help you understand it so your future self can process it easier.


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