12 Natural Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

12 Natural Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

As scientists dig deeper into the complexities of how the human brain works, they are able to get a better picture of what people need in order to have a more healthy and productive experience as an adult.

In the last few decades, they’ve revealed that serotonin is a chemical that helps to regulate some of the emotions in people. While it’s not yet fully understood, people now understand that it’s an important part of living a successful and healthy life.

Many have begun to question the traditional approach of today’s doctors, so let`s explore 12 natural ways to improve your mental health and safely increase your serotonin levels.

Eat Complex Carbohydrates

Although not fully understood, it’s generally recognised that sugars found in most processed foods can have an arresting effect on the production of the important hormone serotonin.

In nature, many of the foods that people eat will help to enable this process and that is very true of complex carbohydrates.

These types of carbs break down into specific chemicals the body needs to heal itself and repair any damage done. They also plays a major role in the formation of serotonin in the brain.

It is recommended that you limit the amount of processed foods that you ingest and focus more on complex based carbohydrates which are released slower into the bloodstream.

Try St. John’s Wort

St Johns Wart has a long history of being an aid to help improve the moods of the people who take it. It can be found in almost any store today and is relatively inexpensive.

Be sure to know that what you are buying is what it is being advertised as though. Some companies have been known to put a lot of substitute fillers in that doesn’t do anything to help you.

It would be sensible to purchase a product like St. John`s Wort from a well known health food store or a vitamin specialty shop.

Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are important because they help the body to be able to metabolise many of the important nutrients that you need to make serotonin. Without these, most of what is mentioned in this article would be pointless.

Vitamins Your Body Needs for Mental Health

It’s no secret that eating correctly and getting the proper nutrients is something that you need to do to be physically healthy. Yet, it’s been noted by professionals that very few people consider nutrition as a natural way to improve their mental health on a regular basis.

Some of this is influenced by much of the magic pill culture that surrounds discussions about mental health and its various conditions.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone who leans more toward natural methods and that there are safer alternatives. They have always been around and do not not necessarily have to come from a bottle.

With that in mind, listed below are a few types of vitamins your body needs for wellness and good mental health.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins are relatively essential for all areas of life including stamina. They also help to make many processes and systems in the body more efficient. This includes the brain.

Having some vitamins like B complex on hand will help to regulate stress as well as give your body what it needs to enable function of its most important parts.

Studies have concluded that there are a number of issues a person could suffer from that can be caused by a deficiency of specific vitamins.

B Vitamins are essential for the formation of several key players in cognitive action. These vitamins are so important that a long-term deficiency can even lead to confusion, paranoia and mood swings.

B1 is specifically responsible for the conversion of foods into glucose that feed the brain.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant serves so many purposes in the body. Where antioxidants are found, there can be so many other major health benefits.

One thing that these chemicals do is help keep the brain healthy by reducing the chances of deterioration. This can be especially dangerous for people over 70.

Vitamin C also contributes to the amount of oxygen carried to various parts of the body by producing blood cells which in turn transport it to the important places it is needed.

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D has been found to have some links to mental issues. A deficiency of this vitamin is well known to cause an increase in depression. This is closely related to the how much time is spent in the sun.

Vitamin D created in the body by being in the sun can help you feel happier and helps to keep depression at bay. If sunlight is not that abundant where you live, supplementation would be recommended.

There are also many foods that contain these amazing nutrients.


So much of what the body needs can be broken down into it’s most essential parts.

Lack of magnesium can be very dangerous because being short of this mineral can halt essential processes that are vital to human survival. This is because many nutrients can’t be absorbed without a high level of magnesium in your system.

Try getting your magnesium from foods that you already eat!

The Power of a Good Support System

If you are currently dealing with issues with your mental health, it might be time to look at ways you can improve it.

Things like journaling, practicing mindfulness and doing cognitive behavioural therapy can be effective. In addition, you should also have people you can turn to.

This is when you want to find a good support system.

Have Someone to Talk to

Simply put, having a support system when you struggle with mental health issues will allow you to have someone to talk to.

Writing in your journal is an amazing way to start working on mindfulness and improve your mental focus, but sometimes talking to someone is just what you need.

It is all about finding the right person or people you can turn to. They should be people you trust and that won’t judge you for how you think or feel.

Find People Who Understand

Not only can you build a good support system with close friends or family, but you might want to specifically find people who understand how you feel.

These people will either have the same mental health disorder, like anxiety or depression, or at least understand where you are coming from.

Not only can it help talking to them, knowing they have experienced it as well, but it also helps them by talking to you too.

This is the cornerstone of having a good support system in your life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Approach New People

Sometimes people you already know aren’t the best for handling your mental health.

This doesn’t make them bad people, it just means they don’t really have personal experience with what you’re dealing with, their support can only go so far.

Don’t be afraid to reach out beyond your inner circle and find the people you can connect with, that you can help, and that can help you too.

Consider a Support Group

This is what brings you to finding support groups. You can meet a lot of exceptional people that provide you with the best support system imaginable.

It is crucial to find a support group for your mental health disorder. whether it is for people with depression, grieving after losing a loved one, people who may have anxiety disorders, or more specific illnesses like bipolar disorder or addiction.

Get yourself out there and just sit in a support group, you don`t have to worry about speaking until you feel comfortable doing so.

Listening can be just as important as talking when it comes to dealing with a mental health issue.


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