15 Hands On Strategies To Achieve Success

15 Hands On Strategies To Achieve Success

Success! It’s a big word, and its meaning can be different for every person you ask.

How do you achieve success? What are the best strategies to help you get to that top tier of performance in your life?

Let’s take a look at 15 hands-on strategies to achieve success…

1. Define Success

This is probably the hardest thing that you will ever do. People always say they want to be successful, but they have never defined what success looks like for them personally.

If success for you means career advancement and monetary goals, how far do you want to go for work? How much money will mean you have been successful? If your idea of success means having more time for your family every night without worrying about bills, how do you achieve this?

Now you may not know how you are going to achieve your success right away but you cannot go any further without knowing what success looks like for yourself. If success is living debt free, then you can begin to build a plan to find ways of achieving this.

2. Don’t Be Someone Else

Many people will tell you that you should emulate those who are successful. While trying to find success and imitating the type of success you want that you see in others, do not forget that you are not someone else.

You are your own person, not your boss, your dad, a friend, a neighbour, or a friend you admire. Life Hacker says that if you forget to do things that work for you, because you are focusing too hard on seeking your personal success, you may find that you lose sight of yourself on the way.

3. Embrace Your Limitations

Embracing your limitations is not about giving up because there are things you cannot do. Forbes magazine states “learning where your boundaries are is crucial for achieving balance in life. Personal limits are those lines that we should draw between ourselves and our expectations for ourselves. If we do not identify our own limits accurately, we will not be able to set the right boundaries toward reality and goals to be achieved in our professional life, human relationships, and life events”.

An example of a limitation would be a person suffering some form of disability, say having just one leg or arm, yet has a goal of climbing Mount Everest. Once you know you are facing an obstacle, you know it can be overcome. No matter how hard it may seem!

Anything outside your limitations is just an obstacle that can be conquered with the right mindset and a willingness to embrace it.

dream success

4. Dream It

This may sound a lot like knowing what success looks like to you, but it is a little different. When you dream about your success, you need to touch and taste how it feels to be successful.

A great strategy to apply is to visualise it daily so that you are already successful in your mind. Once you begin to believe you are already are, your actions will reflect upon this and will accelerate the journey towards attaining your dream.

5. Set Goals Daily

Setting daily goals is going to get you into a mind frame of achievement. Entrepreneur magazine notes that successful people are always goal driven people. They plan their days with to-do lists that make sure their energy is spent on goal-oriented work.

If you don’t have goals on your way to success, then come up with five goals you can do daily that will allow you to achieve your vision of success.

When wording these goals, it is always better to write them as if they have already happened. This doesn’t give your brain any room to back out! An example would be “I will not watch more than ½ hour of TV a day.” Should be written as “I only watch a ½ hour of TV a day.”

6. Check Lists

If you have ever heard of Motivational Guru Chalene Johnson, you know that the best way to achieve success is through checklists.

She has an excellent 30-day program that teaches you how to organise your goals, health, fitness and your time in a way that keeps you motivated.

Checklists and Journaling will let you see your productivity and keep you honest about how you are hitting your goals.

Push Journal

7. Engage in Self Improvement

By now you know what you want, you have a good idea of what you are achieving every day, and you probably know where you are coming up short. This is why you must engage in self-improvement daily.

Whether you lack time management skills or you notice you’re unorganised, engaging in self-improvement on a daily basis is going to help push you down the road to success much faster than if you ignore the areas that you have weaknesses in.

8. Do The Worst Task

Brian Tracy wrote a wonderful book called Eat That Frog. It outlines 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more done. The number one thing he says to do every day is to eat that frog. What does that mean?

Eating the frog is to complete your most hated task first. Get it over and done with. Doing this will free you up to get many more tasks done, without having to spend energy dreading the task you don’t want to do.

9. Utilise The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy wrote The Compound Effect, in it he describes the phenomena where people’s good habits build upon themselves and form success.

If you make small changes daily, those changes have big impact over time. Use this to your advantage and make 2-3 small changes in your attitude or work habits that will end up creating big success down the road.

Whether you are making five more sales calls at the end of the day, this ends up being 1,225 calls over a year. You can pledge to skip the cream in your coffee which is only 100 calories a day, yet could equal a 10 lb. difference over a year. The compound effect can work on any area of your life.


10. Recognise Habits

Habits are good and bad. Charles Duhigg explains in The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business; why many people fall into the trap of unsuccessful careers because they become stuck in habit loops. Becoming aware of your actions and forming productive habits will set you up for success.

11. Love Failure

You will fail, and it will happen repeatedly. It is ok. Learn to love it so that you can get up and keep going. The only path to success is knowing that you can get over the feeling of failure so that you can rise to the next opportunity.

12. Don’t Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt can be a huge killer of motivation and production. In the book, “You Are A Bad Ass,” author Jen Sincero discusses how self-doubt can stop even the strongest person from achieving their goals.

Thinking you don’t deserve something ultimately leads to actions that will sabotage your success, always believe you are worth your success.

13. Take Care Of Your Health

Whether you are taking care of chronic illness or making sure you eat right and exercise often, your health is an asset in your success. Entrepreneur recommends that you recognise your health as a skill that you cannot afford to lose.

Keeping healthy will set you up for success in your later years as well as give you the stamina to keep going when others are quitting.

14. It Won’t Fall In Your Lap

What many people make the mistake of thinking is that success will just find them. That is not going to happen. You are going to have to go out and find it yourself. Pick The Brain notes that if you have a lazy streak, you are going to have to get rid of it fast. People who aren’t willing to chase success probably won’t find it.

say no

15. Say No to Naysayers!

People are going to doubt your dream. It will happen all the time. All you have to do is ignore them. Say no to their negativity and ignore the people who say you can’t make it. You have your plan for success, you know you can do it!

Now you have several plans for making success happen. All you have to do is now go and grab it!

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To Your Success!

15 Hands On Strategies To Achieve Success – Back To Top!

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