4 Intentional Actions That Guarantee More Success

4 Intentional Actions That Guarantee More Success

Your life can turn out the way you want it to but only if you control your actions, watch your behaviours, and refuse to just drift along.

Living with intention means taking deliberate steps toward reaching your desired goal and doing what needs to be done to begin living your dream life.

Intentional actions give you control over your life and prevent you from living aimlessly or just going wherever life takes you.

For example, if your goal is to sing with your favourite orchestra, you take charge and enrol for music lessons, commit to your vocal training and take your lectures seriously instead of relying on fate to get you there.

You do what needs to be done and act intentionally.

Taking deliberate actions is the only thing that can turn your life around and lead you to your destiny. There is a reason why academics are self disciplined enough to graduate in their studies and keep advancing in their fields of expertise.

They wake up each morning, study, go to lectures, work on assignments, complete projects, go to the library and do everything required for them to graduate. They know that it is the only way of obtaining that Degree or Ph.D. they are striving for.

They continue with that routine for years and are disciplined enough to keep going, because they recognize the power of living with intention in achieving their goals.

Living intentionally means recognizing that turning your dreams into reality has nothing to do with your emotions or moods, and so you do what needs to be done even when you don’t really feel like it.

It means you plan your day right and say yes to taking the required actions daily toward your goal without complaining.

Listed below are 4 of the best intentional actions you can take every day to guarantee more success…

goal in sight

• Keep Your Goal Constantly In Sight

You can begin reaching your goals by taking intentional actions daily, which is something that can only be achieved by keeping your goal in sight and reminding yourself of what you intend to accomplish in the long run.

So, when you are confused about which route to take, start thinking “Is this step going to help me in my pursuit of ABC?” If yes, go ahead with it. If not, let it go and find something that will get you a step closer to your aim.

plan your steps

• Plan Your Steps

Drifting along, waiting to see how things will turn out, and waiting on life to take you wherever it sees fit is an example of a wasteful life. Therefore, take the upper hand and influence how you want your life to turn out.

The choice of living an intentional life that is governed by intentional actions is a smart choice that is crucial to your long term success. An intentional life gives you more control over your life and reminds you that you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

Intentional actions include planning and analysing every step you take. It means deciding whether or not what you are about to do is going to take you a step closer to your goal or further away from it.

support group

• Form Relations With The Right People

Initiating contact with the right people, seeking advice from them, as well as forming relations with people who have already accomplished what you desire is a smart way of living with intention.

Look for individuals who have already walked the road you are travelling and have succeeded. Learn from them, find out how they got to where they are, ask the right questions and implement what works best for you.

Also, forming good relations with people you admire helps you make smart decisions, particularly when you don’t know which route to take and their positive influence can assist you in moving forward.

stay focused

• Stay Focused

The best way of taking intentional actions daily is by eliminating distractions and remaining focused on your tasks.

You know your long-term goal, you have a solid plan in place, you have outlined all the necessary steps to take, and you have broken down those steps into daily to-dos that will have a huge impact on your end-goal.

Distractions are the only thing stopping you from fulfilling your dream. That’s why minimizing interruptions or getting rid of them really matters.

Focus on getting things done and meeting your daily, weekly, as well as monthly goals. Learn to say NO to things that have the potential of hindering your progress and never allow good opportunities to pass you by.


Intentional actions may not always get you what you want and don’t ensure you get to do things your way, but they certainly move you from where you are now and get you a few steps closer to accomplishing your goal.

So be patient with yourself, expect to travel unexpected roads but realise that those roads will eventually lead you to your destiny.


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