5 Examples Of Day To Day Greatness

5 Examples Of Day To Day Greatness

Have you ever saved a cat from a tree? Or maybe somebody from a burning building? Okay, so you don’t feel like a superhero in your life, but the truth is, you don’t have to do anything crazy to feel like you’re making a change.

There are several ways you can be great, just by doing the things that you do every day.

Still a disbeliever? Keep reading to discover 5 examples of day to day greatness.

1. You Stand Up For Something You Believe In

Maybe you’re sitting at a meeting and your boss asks you to do something that you see as unethical.

Instead of going along with the task, you speak up and tell him or her why you are uncomfortable with the task.

Although this may not seem like much, taking a stand for something you truly believe in is one of the best ways you can be great in your lifetime.

2. Comforting Someone Who is Hurting

Life isn’t easy and there will be times when those around you are feeling pain and sadness that you won’t know how to take away.

This is especially true in relationships, or as the parent of a child. But just being there for someone who is hurting is truly an example of greatness.

Often times you don’t even need to say anything either, a hug, simple embrace or a kind gesture can say it all to a person who is really struggling.

achieving great goals

3. Achieving Something You’ve Been Working Towards

Have you been working on a project for what seems like forever? Did you get discouraged, but stuck with it even when the going got tough? This is a prime example of everyday greatness.

It isn’t easy to achieve something, and it isn’t easy to stick with a project for the long term.

So just the fact that you were able to achieve a goal speaks wonders about your character. Don’t be afraid to celebrate this achievement either, after all, not everyone can achieve their goals!

4. Extending a Hand to Someone That Needs One

As mentioned above, achieving a goal is not easy and many people will fail before they get that far.

Sometimes, someone who is about to fail may just need that one person to believe in them and help them out with one or two tasks to keep them on track.

Maybe it isn’t even actual help they need, but rather a little bit of encouragement.

This is why if you see someone struggling to achieve something, it’s time to reach out a hand.

Not only will they forever be grateful for your presence in their time of need, but you will achieve a sense of fulfilment like no other.

make new friends

5. Making a New Friend

Making friends isn’t easy, especially because people have all kinds of different views that are different than your own.

This is why when you are able to transcend differences to connect with someone else on a new level, this is an example of everyday greatness.

So next time you see a colleague eating alone, or maybe someone at your gym class that looks like they could use a friend, you might want to reach out. You never know how someone could impact your life!

Final Thoughts

Overall, it doesn’t take some massive feat of strength to become a great person, rather, all you have to do is remember the above five examples of day-to-day greatness.

If you work to integrate them into your own life, you will be pleasantly surprised by how amazing and fulfilled you will feel just by doing the things that you do every day!


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