5 reasons why winners always remain strong

5 Reasons Why Winners Always Remain Strong

Sometimes life is hard. Circumstances may seem out of control and nothing ever seems to go right.

However, have you noticed that  the winners in life always appear to stay strong, even through the hard times.

This is because they have a positive attitude and this subsequently helps them overcome the difficult challenges put in front of them.

This article will look at 5 reasons why winners always remain strong and frequently achieve what they set out to do.

Scientists who interviewed winners found that internal forces, namely a positive attitude, is what helps people become winners regardless of the external forces around them. They build and maintain a positive attitude through the following actions:

• Being in Control
• Seeing Failures as Setbacks
• Surrounding Themselves with Positive Input
• Challenging the Status Quo
• Having Focus


Being in Control

According to Jeff Keller, the author of “Attitude is Everything,” winners believe they are in control and act accordingly. Winners know they control their emotions and responses to external forces. They don’t let hard times distract them from believing they can succeed.

Instead of letting a bad situation continue, winners make changes in themselves to overcome obstacles. If their boss doesn’t appreciate them, they get more education or find another position where they are more valued.

If they aren’t doing well at school or in a sport, winners put in more effort and practice until they master the tasks needed to achieve their goals. They keep a positive attitude through hard times by staying in control of themselves and their situation.

Seeing Failure as Setbacks

A winning person doesn’t consider failure permanent. Instead, they see failures as setbacks to their ultimate goal. Their positive attitude is based on believing they can achieve victory eventually, even if they don’t win right away.

They use setbacks to learn from their mistakes and do better on their next attempt. People who learn, adjust and keep trying become winners.

When a person doesn’t succeed, they have a choice of quitting or trying again. If they take the time to review what led to the setback and how they can change to meet the challenge, they have a better chance of winning the next time they try.

Winners know that they can improve and keep a positive attitude because they haven’t actually failed.

positive attitude

Surrounding Themselves with Positive Input

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” This simple nutrition tip is also true for maintaining a positive attitude. Even when times are hard, winners keep a positive attitude by surrounding themselves with positive messages and people.

Affirmations, motivational quotes and written goals help people through hard times to become successful. Winners may also display previous awards they’ve received to remind them that they have succeeded in the past and can do so again.

Winners dress for success, making themselves feel like they’ve already won. They develop friendships with other positive people and often have a mentor who believes in them as well. By surrounding themselves with positive input, winners reinforce their positive attitude even during hard times.

Challenging the Status Quo

According to the latest research from Science Daily, winners stay positive by challenging the status quo. Even when everyone else sees failure or doesn’t believe things will change, they are willing to disrupt the status quo to make improvements and live their best life possible.

Winners don’t believe that fate is fixed. Instead, they believe that they can make beneficial changes to themselves and their circumstances. They don’t accept “good enough.”

They strive to do more than others believe possible. Winners’ positive attitude depends on believing in something better and their willingness to change their circumstances to fit their beliefs.

have focus

Having Focus

Winners concentrate on their goals. They stay strong through hard times by focusing on what they want to achieve. They don’t let distractions stop them, even when it would be easier to give up, rest, or find something else more enjoyable to do. Winning people stay laser focused on their goals, giving them the determination to succeed.

People who excel at school don’t spend too much time partying or relaxing, especially when they need to study or prepare for a test. Job promotions are given to people who work hard and often put in extra effort, not to people who spend their time at work on the Internet or chatting with fellow workers.

In sport, great athletes practice every single day to work on their skills and techniques. They strive to become the best in their chosen field.

Winners have a positive attitude because they are focused on their goals, not on things that don’t help them succeed.

Winners stay strong even through hard times because they take action and keep a positive attitude. They remain in control, learn from setbacks and surround themselves with positive input. They are willing to change their circumstances and the status quo by being one hundred percent focused on their goals.

Be a winner starting from TODAY!


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