5 Reasons You Don't Feel Energized Throughout Your Day

5 Reasons You Don’t Feel Energized Throughout Your Day

With endless busy schedules and personal commitments, we find that time is not on our side.

The complaints range from “I haven’t had a day off” to “I am too tired.” We consistently give excuses for our habits.

The more you try to rest, the less rested you become leading to unclear choices and difficult focus.

In fact, a recent report conducted by the Center for Disease Control concluded, “45 percent of American adults that sleep seven to eight hours per night, reported feeling tired or fatigued up to three times per week.”

Let us look at the top five reasons you don’t feel energized throughout your day and how to re-zap your energy so you can start feeling your best again:

• Not giving water enough attention — With so many beverage choices to choose from when you are thirsty, water tends to fall to the bottom of the list.

Physicians consistently remind us to drink six to eight glasses of water per day, but when there is a vanilla latte waiting for you, that advice gets pushed aside.

The body is made up of 60 percent water, and without replenishing ourselves the reserves can deplete quickly causing vital organs to stop working properly.

Instead, commit to drinking water with most meals and have the coffee as a late morning treat.

A great way to remember to drink water between meals is a water canister. Keep one in your office, your car and one by your bed side.

Make sure each bottle has a different pattern on it, so you visually recognize it and reminds you to have a few sips.

For a late-night beverage, brew up some decaffeinated green tea in your favourite flavour. The warm liquid will soothe the body, making it easier to get good rest.

Iron Spinach

• Unconcerned with your iron levels – Rarely does anyone wake up and wonder what their iron levels are in the morning. We often only think of it when the doctor takes our blood during a check-up.

We get reminded to eat more vegetables and consume more beans for added iron in our diet.

While the knowledge is there, we rarely stick to the recommended consumption levels for long. If having dinner delivered most nights, focus on green vegetables, and opt for rice over pasta.

If you got enough rest but are feeling sluggish during the day, check yourself. Did you choose an iron filled food today, such as a bran muffin or black beans in your lunch?

If you have skipped those iron intakes, double up on dinner.

Grill up a lean steak and add in a spinach salad as a side. Top your salad with extra vegetables for an added perk. Put your muffin by the front door to remind you to take it out with you the next day.

• No time to eat – As children we could not wait to get to our lunch breaks. It was a time to relax and laugh with friends. We filled our growling tummies with nutritious food. It gave us enough energy to get through the school day.

When we become adults, this practice is often forgotten. Often leading to unfocused afternoons.

A recent study conducted by The California Walnut Board and Commission concluded, “Two in three millennials claim to skip lunch in order to get ahead at work.”

Rather than focusing on your future career, sit down to a healthy meal and enjoy the break. The goal will still be there.

In the morning, aim for bananas or oatmeal. Both provide natural energy to get your day started. For lunch, try a green salad topped with grilled chicken.

Incorporate baked fish, such as salmon or tuna into your dinners a few times per week for overall healthy energy.

For a late-night snack, opt for chamomile tea with a handful of almonds. Both promote sleepiness in the body’s system.

yes person

• You are a yes person – A lot of people struggle with this one. It is in our human nature to want to help others. It is how we co-exist in the community.

Yet, with constant high energy being spent on all your “yes” projects, the body begins to break down.

This leads to burn out and regret. By neglecting your own health, the repercussions can be negative.

Practice saying one “no” each day until it feels natural. Feel the weight come off your emotional shoulders and relish in the extra energy.

An easy and neutral response to peers would be to say, “I appreciate you thinking of me, but I have made plans already.”

Stay positive and encouraging with your words. This leaves the other person feeling accepted and positive about you.

Before long, it will come naturally when facing bigger decisions. Leaving you feeling more energized and less guilt ridden.

• No alarm clocks on the weekends – Everyone looks forward to the weekend. It is a time to rest and play. A time to sleep in and put away the alarm clock.

As a teenager this was your favourite past time, but as an adult it is hindering your biological clock by changing consistent stable behaviours.

Remaining on the same time schedule each day will keep your mind and body regulated and more energized.

Though the advancement in smart phones can do almost anything, including setting alarms, it is best to invest in a separate portable alarm clock. Keep it plugged in across the room, so you must get up to turn it off.

The separate sound gives the brain the jolt it needs to wake up the rest of the body. Then, when you are fully awake you can check your phone.

Use these extra minutes to make yourself a nice breakfast packed with energy.

In Conclusion

Practice focusing your energy on your overall health. Remain vigilant with healthy actions. Give less time to the negative responses.

As author and public speaker, Anulekha Mungarwadi once said, “Low on energy sometimes but never low on motivations.”


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