7 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Are Not In The Mood

7 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Are Not In The Mood

Even the most motivated and driven individuals have days when they’re just not ‘feeling it’. There are a variety of reasons why this happens.

It could be due to the hormones in your body, or you lose patience with how long the process is taking or perhaps there are other issues happening in your life, like unexpected obstacles and so on.

If you’re in pursuit of a worthy goal and want more success in your life, it will take time. That’s a given. Along the way there will be days when you are unmotivated. That’s a given too and it’s normal.

During times like these, if you let yourself sink down into the doldrums and feel sorry for yourself, you’ll be at risk of sliding down a vicious spiral of negativity and inertia.

It’s imperative that you motivate yourself when you’re feeling down and not in the mood.

Here are 7 effective ways to do it…

5 minutes

1. Just 5 Minutes

Let’s assume you’ve always wanted to write a novel. You’ve been at it conscientiously for a month, but suddenly at chapter 8, you feel like the entire thing is a mess.

You don’t even know why you’re writing. This negative feeling of self-doubt is extremely common and you may totally have no motivation to write.

If you give in to it and quit, it’s over and you have lost.

Here’s what you need to do…tell yourself you’ll just write for just 5 minutes. Set a timer to go off at the 5-minute mark. You can stop after that if you wish.

Getting started is usually the most difficult part, and you’ll be surprised to see that once you’ve started writing you will turn off the timer and keep writing for the next 2 hours.

The same principle applies to any other task you are reluctant to do. Give yourself that 5 minutes to do it. This is a short enough duration to not be intimidating, but it’s long enough to get you in the flow state to keep going.

2. Get Moving

Being sedentary can lead to an unmotivated state. Get some exercise. Go for a run, swim or cycle around the neighbourhood. The activity will help boost endorphins in your body and make you feel good.

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, as long as you enjoy it and it breaks a sweat while elevating your heart rate.

gratitude journaling

3. Gratitude Journaling

You cannot be in a state of gratitude and be dissatisfied at the same time. It’s impossible.

When you’re feeling down, get out a journal and start writing things you’re grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve been blessed with.

The act of gratitude journaling will elevate your mood and you’ll find motivation to get started and keep going.

4. Look At Your Why

When the journey is long, it’s important to remember why you started. Are you striving for financial freedom? What does your life look like then?

Are you trying to build a fit body? How will you feel when you look good shirtless at the beach?

Knowing your why is crucial to keeping you focused. There’s a reason you embarked on your goal. Bring it back into focus and you’ll find the motivation to keep marching towards the prize in the distance.

5. Caffeine

Sometimes a perk me up such as a cup of coffee or an energy drink might be what you need. If you have a tough workout session looming at the gym and you’re not in the mood, a quick pre-workout drink may get you buzzing enough to pump out those reps.

Caffeine is a stimulant and should be consumed in moderation. Consuming it once in a while is fine, but don’t use it as a crutch to get through your day.

pomodoro timer

6. Use A Timer

A Pomodoro timer is very effective for keeping you focused on your task. Alternatively, you can just use the countdown timer on your watch or mobile phone and set it to go off at the 20-minute mark.

You’re in a race against time. So, you’ll work fast and with concentration. Most people love a challenge and the countdown will motivate them to beat the clock. It’s a very effective technique.

7. Reward Yourself

Sometimes, anticipating a reward can help to nudge you to action. For example, you can reward yourself with a movie after you’ve completed your work.

Or you may decide to go window shopping, or meet a friend.

As long as the reward motivates you, you may use it. Do note that the reward should not impede your progress.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, eating a tub of ice cream will NOT be a good reward. Or if you’re trying to control your spending, shopping is the last thing you should be doing.

Find a way to reward yourself that’s in alignment with your goals.

The 7 tips highlighted above are highly effective and will work for most people. Allow yourself to feel unmotivated now and then without thinking you’re lazy or lack determination.

Be kind to yourself and know that you’re human. Then apply these techniques we`ve just gone through to shore up your motivation and conquer your day.

You can do it.


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