9 Deep Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Be Successful

9 Deep Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Be Successful

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”Aristotle

As an entrepreneur, there will be countless times when you question your own sanity. Starting a business is the easy part. Making it work is the excruciatingly hard part.

With all the naysayers telling you that your plans were myopic, you might wonder if they are right. You can have faith in yourself and take action to make your dreams a reality…BUT the journey can be long, and it usually is.

During this time, your faith and the reasons why you started may seem tenuous at best. You’re now in a conundrum. You started with the best intentions, but now you’re wondering if you’ll even be successful.

The best remedy to this problem will be to know yourself. There is immeasurable power to be had when you truly know what you want…and what you’re working towards.

That’s what it means when they say, “To thine ownself be true.”

But how do you discover yourself?

Simple. You ask yourself a few questions and dig deep within yourself to find the emotional answers that matter the most to you.

You must answer the questions below from your heart. No logic necessary. This is 100% an emotional exercise.

So let`s take a look at 9 Deep Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Be Successful

Life questions

1. Do you like your life right now?

This question will tell you why you’re making changes in your life. It will remind you of why you started building a business in the first place.

Most entrepreneurs who make it big were not content to live in their current circumstances. They wanted more, they wanted better and they weren’t willing to settle.

If you’re not satisfied with your life currently, ask yourself why. Then see if your actions are helping you to transform your life. Always remember that the oyster without the irritation is not the oyster that produces the pearl.

2. Would you have regrets if you didn’t pursue your goals?

If the answer is yes, then all the struggle is worth it. You must pay the price to receive the reward.

3. What are your biggest fears?

Financial loss? Failure? Embarrassment if you fail? What are your fears?

Write them down and ask yourself…“So what? What’s the worst that could happen?”

All these worst-case scenarios might never materialize. Are you going to let them hold you back from greatness? Of course not!

4. What is your definition of success?

Do you want a business that makes 6 or 7 figures or more? What will you need in your life to feel successful?

There are no right or wrong answers. Wanting to live in a big house with a circular driveway is not ostentatious or covetous if that’s what you desire.

As long as you work for it and earn it legally, you deserve your reward.

The haters and bottom-feeders in society will be quick to tell you that you should donate your money and help the poor.

They’ll try to make you feel guilty for succeeding while they themselves will not work to achieve success…and will not donate to anyone either.

If your definition of success is not clear, you’ll be swayed by emotions and guilt. Millions of people feel that they’re unworthy of success.

What they first need to do is decide what success means for them…then they can ask themselves if they deserve it. And of course, they do.

Do what you enjoy

5. What do you enjoy doing?

Generally, you’ll find that the most successful people focus on getting better at what they’re naturally already good at. They strive to be the best at what they do.

In most cases, they love what they do. It’s their passion that drives them to succeed.

You must know what you love to do. Don’t chase the money. Instead look at what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. Then figure out a way to charge others for your services.

6. What skills/talent do you have?

This ties in with the earlier point. What skills can you monetize?

David Copperfield made millions as an illusionist. Michael Jordan made his pile with basketball. J.K.Rowling made billions writing Harry Potter books.

Each of them had their own talent and skills, and they used them to make a fortune. You must know what you’re good at to succeed at it.

7. What 3 things are you most grateful for?

Write down what you’re grateful for. No one can feel poor or unsuccessful when they can count their blessings.

goal achievement

8. How would you feel if you achieved your goals?

Write it down. Imagine having already achieved your goals and dreams. What would you do? How would you feel? What would change in your life?

Once you can see the promise, you’ll achieve clarity. You can see the reward in your mind’s eye. Now you’ll be more willing to endure the struggle and keep going even when everything within you feels like quitting.

With time you’ll achieve success and whatever you wrote down will be a reality.

9. Do you think your life is meaningful?

This is the deepest question of the lot.

What will you need in your life for you to feel like it’s meaningful? Children? A happy family? Generational wealth? Fame?

You must know what you really want in life. So often people chase dreams that aren’t really theirs. They let society dictate what defines success.

As a result, there are many people who seem to have achieved lots of success in their lives, but deep down they’re empty and miserable.

They may not show it, but it’s there. All because they worked towards goals that held no meaning for them.

If you want to achieve REAL success in life, you must know what means the most to you. Then pursue goals that will bring meaning to your life.

When you achieve success in these endeavours, you’ll be able to sit back, kick up your feet and smile.

You’ll rest in the glow of winning and satisfaction from knowing that you got what you wanted and you did it your way. This is true success.


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