Become More Self Confident By Taking Control of Your Life

Become More Self Confident By Taking Control of Your Life

The worst thing a person can ever go through is feeling that they are inadequate and can never do anything significant on their own. Lack of self-confidence cripples people in so many ways.

Often, it makes them withdraw from society and believe that their lives are not as special as that of others. They do not feel good about themselves, lack a desire to be successful and doubt their own capabilities so much that they do not believe anyone else can see value in them.

Even when they do have something special that other people notice in them, hearing about it sounds like nothing other than just flattery.

However, it is a little comforting to know that no one is born with low self-esteem. No one is born with the belief that other people are better than them. It is a feeling that we accommodate as we are exposed to various environments, especially those where others do not hesitate to let us know our faults.

We allow the people and the environment to have power over our minds. How is knowing this comforting? When we understand what our lack of confidence stems from, then we know where to start fixing up.

believe in your potential

State Of Mind

The fact that low self-esteem is something created by other human beings and our state of mind shows that it is a battle one can still fight and win.

It is only when you believe in yourself that you can be fully in charge of your life. Believing in yourself makes it easier to identify your purpose and what you need to do to fulfill it.

You know what you want and who you are, and these are the foundational steps to taking control of your life.

What does it mean to take control of your life and how do you do it?

Taking charge of your life means being in control of who you become and all decisions and choices are made by you. However, this does not mean you stop taking advice from other people.

Rather, you listen to what others say where necessary, weigh it up against your personal goals, and then make your decision after having considered the part of the conversation that is likely to help you improve.

Being in charge means you do not rely on other people, especially in defining who you should be and for survival.

Most parents are at fault when it comes to this part. As much as guidance is important in a child’s life, teaching them to take charge of their lives, be independent, and trust their own judgment and capabilities is even more important.

Sadly, sometimes what parents do in raising their children does not yield different results from what they get from bullies on the street.

fear and doubt

Fear And Doubt

From the way the parents talk, to actions and excessive controlling, they instil fear and doubt in their children’s lives which will keep them feeling as though they will never amount to anything without the parent.

They then struggle with self confidence when it is time to be adults and fail to find a balance between who they need to be and who the parent wants them to be.

If there is anything parents need to learn about parenting, it is getting rid of the desire to create another version of themselves in their kids and also the desire to make their children what they failed to be or achieve themselves.

They need to understand that their children have interests, dreams, and personalities of their own and allow them to find their purpose.

develop inner strength

Here is how you can take charge of your life…

Know your purpose, set personal goals and boundaries – adopt the attitude of believing you can, this is an important step in every person’s life and it also gives life a meaning. Knowing your purpose makes you unstoppable.

Others cannot take advantage of you, and you are not easily swayed by peer pressure when you know where you are going and your goals are clear. It sets a clear path for you, which makes it easier to identify anything that is working against the attainment of your goals.

Give people limited access to your life – it does not matter who the person is. Everyone including family should know that as much as you love and appreciate them, you still are your own person and they have boundaries. They should know that your goals are important to you the same way theirs are important to them.

Develop inner strength – you need to prioritize your mental health. Feed your mind positivity and control what you store in it. Avoid excessive thinking and caring about other people’s opinions of you, especially if they are not a true reflection of who you are. You also need to learn to identify opportunities and positives in difficult situations.

Strengthen your willpower and self-discipline. Also, stop taking things personally and understand that how others treat you is not a reflection of who you are. People have their own issues and have different ways of dealing with them.

Get out of your comfort zone – get used to facing life and its challenges and do what you need to do to find your place in the world. Look for opportunities to grow and be independent. Stop making excuses and act.


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