how you can live an abundant life

How You Can Live An Abundant Life

One way to live a very happy life is by acquiring abundance, so this post will take a look at how you can live an abundant life which can begin to happen from today.

To live and manifest an abundant life begins with the self-acknowledgement that you are worthy and deserving of receiving. It also takes for you to see things as they are, believing in the generosity and abundance flowing from life and consistently coming from a place of love.

Being able to live an abundant life also means approaching life with an abundance mindset, firmly believing that there is more than enough of everything for everyone.

Unless you can see this as reality, a life characterised by abundance will be impossible to achieve. You either run on the belief that life has limitless potential, or that life is short and goodness is scarce.

Abundant Mindset

Abundance is a mindset, and this mindset can in turn affect your life in many ways. You can’t help but live abundantly when you master seeing life in this perspective. Highlighted below are five great ways to live and lead an abundant life every day.


Learn to Give

When you’re practicing an abundance mentality it’s impossible not to love the act of giving. When you see life beaming with positivity and limitless opportunities, you’d love to give some of it away to others.

You see that so many people can benefit from how you see the world, either through helping them or empowering them to see life the way you do. Learning how to give and loving the act of giving is an inevitable aspect of living an abundant life.

Love and Accept Yourself

To live an abundant life necessitates that you love and accept yourself fully. When you do recognise your worth and acknowledge that you are deserving, you will begin to attract more of what you desire. This can be identified as the law of attraction.

Avoid Negative People

You need to identify good company, those people who are positive and open to the same views you hold about life. Abundance makes people happy, relaxed and puts them at ease. It makes them feel confident about living life each day.

Negative people do not operate on this belief, so limit your time with them if you cannot influence these kind of people to make an effort and to embrace a better mindset.

If they are always letting you know they have no money or are broke, avoid them. They are only trying to make you feel the way they do, that there is no money.

They will always be playing the ‘no money card’ so that either you start playing the same game and feel there is a scarcity about money, or if they can’t change your mindset they will hope you will give them what they need to stop their complaining.

In this scenario, someone’s got to give. Don’t let it be you!

This may sound harsh and at odds with being a giving person. Let your emotional feedback guide you – does helping the person come from your ‘best’ you, or does it result in resentment and bring you down?

Read Success Stories

If you want to create abundance, learn from others. Reading success stories is inspiring and motivating. It makes you believe in yourself, that you’re even more capable of achieving something of similar greatness. Once you realise you can do it too, you will.

When you’re guided by someone who has been where you are and you are motivated to achieve the same heights of success, you’ll get there faster and easier. Getting a mentor’s guidance and help will encourage you to live an abundant life by understanding that help is always available when you need it.

Appreciate Your Life Right Now

Even if you’re still trying to achieve an abundant life, you should never stop practicing gratitude every day. Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more. It is the key to accessing the abundance of life.

You complete the cycle of abundance through the act of receiving and giving it back, or vice versa. One day when you’re finally where you want to be and have fully manifested the abundance that you were once attracting and creating for yourself, try to pay it forward by teaching and guiding others as well.

There’s no better proof of abundance than people helping each other out and simply adding value to people`s lives.

When you’ve laid the foundation on your beliefs and affirm yourself as worthy, you always become open to receiving the natural abundance that life is ready to give you.

The universe is always ready and simply waiting on us to ask for what we deserve.

To Your Abundant Life!


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