NameSilo Review - The Budget Friendly Domain Name Registrar

NameSilo Review – The Budget Friendly Domain Name Registrar


Most people who wish to start a business online will need to purchase a domain name sooner or later.

Even if you’re selling in marketplaces like Etsy or eBay, it won’t hurt to have your own website where you can sell your products without paying anyone a fee.

Domains are extremely affordable these days and with a wide variety of top level domains (TLDs), you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Of course, .com domains are still preferred by most marketers – but in terms of search engine rankings, even the other TLDs stand just as good a chance of ranking, if your SEO skills are good.

It’s important to note that different domain registrars charge different prices. If you were to purchase your domain from a hosting company, you could expect to pay more than what you’d need to.

In fact, it’s better to keep your domain registrar and web hosting provider separate. This will prevent your domain from being ‘held hostage’ by the hosting company should you wish to switch to another hosting provider.

Furthermore, buying all your domains from one place will make it much more convenient and less confusing when it comes to managing them.

One of the best domain registrars that we’ve found is NameSilo. With over 11 million registered users and 10 million domains registered, it’s safe to say that they’re one of the biggest players in the scene.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of this domain registrar and see if you should register your domain with them.

NameSilo Review Pros & Cons

The Pros

• Super low price!

When it comes to pricing, NameSilo is second to none. They have the lowest prices around.

Sometimes, other domain registrars may have discount coupons and be able to offer a lower price – but that’s rare.

Most of the time, NameSilo’s prices can’t be beat. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to register your domain here.

• Bulk discounts

If you’re a domainer (someone who regularly buys and sells domains, expired domains, etc), NameSilo is probably your best option because of the bulk discounts you’ll get when you purchase several domains at once.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get cheaper, it does!

• Domain Defender

NameSilo has measures in place to ensure that your domains are secure and safe at the registry level. They call it Domain Defender – which is just a cool way of saying your domain is protected from malicious attacks.

• Easy user interface

The user interface is easy enough to navigate. You’ll be able to find your domain, manage the DNS and other features associated with your domain quite easily.

While the interface doesn’t look as slick as many of the other domain registrars, it’s still as efficient.

• No minimum orders

Some domain registrars require you to purchase a minimum number of domains. There’s no such requirement at NameSilo.

Buy the domain you need and you’re good to go – even if it’s just ONE domain. Perfect.

NameSilo Review Customer Service

• Great support

Have a problem with your domain?

No worries. NameSilo has 24/7 support and the staff know what they’re doing. You can just open a chat with them and they’ll help you to fix any problems that may crop up with your domain.

• Unbelievable selection of TLDs

Despite being relatively new to the scene (only about 10 years), NameSilo offers a wider selection of top level domains than most domain registrars.

You’ll just have to do a domain search on NameSilo and you’ll see just how many options are available to you.

The Cons

Other than not having phone support, there aren’t really any cons to NameSilo.

There is one issue you should be aware of though. Some top level domains are inexpensive when you purchase them. However, the price jumps significantly higher when it’s time for renewal.

For example, if we purchased, it’d cost us $11.53 in the first year. But when it’s time to renew it after a year, the price of renewal will be $37.99. This isn’t NameSilo’s fault.

In fact, if we were to purchase the same domain from Namecheap (another popular domain registrar) it would cost you $11.98 in the first year. If you wished to renew the domain with Namecheap the following year, the price would be $43.98.

That’s significantly higher than NameSilo. So the renewal price will rise for certain TLDs regardless of registrar. So choose your TLD with both eyes open.

NameSilo Review Verdict

Should You Register Your Domain with NameSilo?

If you’re into domaining and buying multiple domains in bulk, NameSilo is definitely the registrar you should be using.

It’s biggest selling point is its low price and it’s probably one of the cheapest domain registrars on the planet. While one might argue that the user interface in NameSilo isn’t all that great, it’s still easy to use.

The truth of the matter is that people most often sign up for a domain once and point it to their hosting. That’s it. They don’t go back to their domain management interface. It’s a one and done thing.

So what really matters is the price – and clearly NameSilo comes out tops in this regard.

Register your domain with NameSilo and you’ll get the lowest prices around.


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