The Law Of Attraction And How It can Improve Your Life

The Law Of Attraction And How It can Improve Your Life

So 2020, the dawn of a new decade is approaching fast and one thing at the forefront of many minds is life change.

You know what I`m talking about, losing weight, want a better job, more money, would like to be in a relationship etc etc.

Its the endless dream of wanting something more fulfilling to happen in our lives , to be more successful, yet so many fail to achieve this.

So it might be worth highlighting in this post that one thing most successful people have used to get everything they want in their lives, has been applying the law of attraction. Let`s take a brief look at the law of attraction and how it can improve your life if its properly applied.

Read And Believe

Anybody who has the determination to seriously change or improve their lives will almost certainly have read the book “The Secret”, or maybe watched the movie. There is of course the other very well known book called the “Law Of Attraction” which has changed so many lives for the better too.

The law of attraction on a simple level basically means that your thoughts can create your life. If you are in the frame of mind to think negative thoughts, then you will draw negative occurrences into your life.

On the other hand however, if you start to think positive thoughts on a consistent basis then you will see and experience much less negativity and alot more positivity and success in your life.

Of course, the law of attraction goes on a deeper level than this. Life can be unpredictable and forever challenges us with situations both good and bad.

There will always be occurrences in life that we would rather not experience if we didn`t have to but it`s something we can`t avoid unfortunately. However, the law of attraction can dictate that you have the power to increase the positive whilst minimising the negative.

The law of attraction can influence every thought you have to help create the life you want just by thinking about it. You can literally manifest the life you desire.



How it Works

There are a number of steps to the law of attraction and how it works. It always starts with a thought and ends with a result.

1. Your Thoughts Create Your Life

Often in life we don`t always have the ability to control the circumstances, yet there is something we can control and that`s our own thoughts.

When we want to utilise the law of attraction, it would be beneficial to adopt a meditative relaxed state of mind. After clearing your mind and finding yourself in a peaceful place mentally, it`s ok to move onto the next step.

2. Focus on What You Want

In order to correctly apply the law of attraction and see some amazing results, you need to be very clear on what you want. It is known that the universe is the ultimate responder. The famous line says it all – “What you ask for is what you will receive and what you think, you will create”.

It is vitally important that you are totally focused and clear about your intention. If you are unsure of what it is you want or don`t have a distinct vision, then the universe cannot deliver the desire you seek.

3. Set Your Intention

If you are at the stage where you are in a relaxed state of mind, have laser focus, and are clear on your intended outcome, then now is the moment to send your intention out into the universe.

In order to set your intention, you must feel the experience in your mind, allowing it to occur in the present tense. See yourself in the situation you desire, accompanied by people you want to be with, the house you want to live in etc etc.

Feel the joy, excitement and the new found emotions you have magically manifested within yourself. Experience the moment of fulfillment but in your now.

4. Be Thankful for the Intended Outcome

Be confident that you know your intention is on its way. Be thankful and acknowledge gratitude beforehand for the intended outcome, be excited that you cannot wait to receive what you have asked for.

If you begin to practice the law of attraction, feel it, and believe in it, the more positive experiences you are going to attract. Life will take on a whole new meaning not just in your own but also the lives of others around you.


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