Why Writing Your Life Mission Statement Is A Good Idea

Why Writing Your Life Mission Statement Is A Good Idea

Most all major corporations and small businesses have a mission statement. Why? Because it hones in on the purposes and goals of the company.

A mission statement gives people a clear and unarguable guide to what the company aims to achieve.

A ‘Life Mission Statement’ statement can do the same for you, which is your personal life’s mission and the kind of statement we are talking about here.

Your Life Mission Statement

Why should you write a mission statement?

It gives a clear and concise picture of what is important to you and the kind of life you want to live. This makes it easier to stay on track and focused on all your goals, values, and acts as inspiration through all your days.

Some people live life as victims of circumstance, while others design their life as they want it to be, for the later the mission statement acts as a physical manifestation of that plan and that design.

Your mission statement doesn’t just have to reflect the qualities that you already possess. It can include the characteristics that you aspire to, reminding you of the work you must do to reach the level of excellence that you think will complete your character.

This exercise provides you the opportunity to really reflect and look deep inside to identify what you want, how you want to live your life, the things that are important to you and what you want to achieve.

Life plan

How To Write Your Mission Statement

When you want to come up with your very own Life Mission Statement, you need to sit down and have a good think about the things that are most important to you.

  • What do you value most about your life?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is most important to you?
  • What is the theme of your life?

Think about what you want to see when you are an old man or woman, looking back over your life, considering the things you did or didn’t do with your time. Perhaps, the things you would like to be remembered for in your eulogy.

Your Life Mission Statement needs to reflect all of these qualities.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Once you have considered the things you want your mission statement to include, the things that you find to be the most admirable qualities you can aspire to, you’re ready to put it together.

A good mission statement will be clear and simple, usually contained within just two or three short sentences.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

“I consider my success to be determined by the amount of people I help. Helping other people to achieve their dreams, and reach their aspirations is the highest priority in my life.”

“Family always comes first. I think there is no greater meaning to my life than to help those who I am closest to live a truly happy and contented way of life.”

“My business is my life. The highest qualities I can hope to instil in my business are the ones I aim to reflect in my own life. These being honesty, integrity, courage, and the practice of fairness and equality.”

As you can see from all of these examples, they are extremely personal. They reflect the qualities that a person wants to uphold, and they express a sincere desire to uphold those qualities with the best of intentions.

Also, they all contain the word ‘I’. This is because they are designed to reflect the intentions and consciousness of the speaker.

Put your own personal Life Mission Statement together, and come up with as many examples that you can.

mission statement intention

Once you have a good selection of potential candidates, read them aloud while visualizing yourself speak to a large audience.

If you honestly think that you can uphold its intent, and that it fits who you are at the deepest levels of your being, you have found the right Life Missions Statement to live by, helping you to live the fullest possible life you can live.

Take your time and consider this deeply.

Of course, you can make changes as life develops, and this further allows you to stay in touch and recognize how you are changing and growing as a person.


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